Slip End Parish Council

Is there anybody who is computer literate and would be able to help us out producing the Parish magazine? …or do you know  anyone who might be able to help?

Since the start of the lockdown period, I have been editor for all of the issues (online and printed). Our second editor has been  unable to take his turn over the past few months as he and his wife have been staying safe at home. He has done a great job as co-editor.  However, in the current circumstances, he would prefer us to find someone else to take it on, with new ideas to help make the magazine interesting and informative for residents of all ages. It has been great to receive lots of new items and pictures recently and we would like that to continue.

We have recently purchased a new W10 laptop and are using Publisher (Office 365). The laptop is set up so that it can be shared by the editors to keep the material in one place.

There are 10 issues a year and the editors take charge of alternate months, for their convenience, avoiding holidays and other activities. I am about to start the July   issue. The next, after that, is published in September and it would be great to have someone else to take a turn by then.

Please get in touch via email: [email protected]


Alison Wilson – Co Editor