Slip End Parish Council

Aley Green cemetery serves as the burial place for the whole of Caddington and Slip End parishes. Although known as Aley Green Cemetery it lies in the civil parish of Slip End (the parish boundary includes the northern edge of the cemetery) whereas Aley Green itself lies in the civil parish of Caddington. The Cemetery is jointly owned by Caddington, Markyate and Slip End Parish Councils and each Parish Council helps fund the upkeep of the Cemetery by way of an annual Precept, with other income generated from burials, headstones and reserved plots.

It was originally a field of one and a half acres owned by Richard  Pennington who conveyed it to the Rural Sanitary Authority Guardians on  1st March 1886. The running of the cemetery was originally in the hands  of the Caddington & Humbershoe Burial Board but, with the passing of  the 1894 Local Government Act this duty passed to the newly created  Caddington Parish Council.

Visitors are welcome daily during daylight hours. Please note there are no toilet facilities at the Cemetery.

To reserve a plot or arrange a burial or headstone please contact Aley Green Cemetery Clerk Peter Segal on 01582 526594 (between 9am and 12pm Monday to Friday) or by email [email protected]

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